A sign of life.

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011 04:17 pm
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I'm not dead, no worries. I currently don't have so much to write about myself and the stuff I do or am interested it. I'm just glad that I get the time to RP and watch something.

It's just... I never thought university would take so much time of mine and eat it from a plastic bowl like that.

I feel tired. But I still love it though. I do the things I always wanted to do, always dreamt of and that's what I wished for since five damn years.  It's the first thing I decided to do on my own without any influence from anyone.

Trying the Trial & RL

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011 08:42 pm
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It feels like ages since I wrote something here. But no worries. I still live.

The trial is nice so far. I'd love to keep the additional icons once it's over, since I can't get a paid account. But I don't think it's possible. Too bad

Graduation is creeping closer and closer and there are still a hell of a lot exams to be written. All in April, one in May. Then two presentations I gotta work on during the upcoming vacations, One for economics the other for Spanish. AND preparations for my oral exam for Spanish in June so I won't be panicking later on. It's still hard because everyone else is like "were over with it anyways so screw it, help yourself", it sucks.

I also noticed that the Germans of my age, in my class, are fucking arrogant. They eye me like I'm some kind of alien when I try to communicate - yes communicate - with some of them and I barely get any responses. None of them even lifts a finger or looks at me with their ass to talk with me in a good way. All I get from them are complaints.

No offense to Germans really, I do love some of you like the ones I know from Animexx (Ich meine dich und Jun Se-chan♥), but those are the experiences I made with them so far. Maybe it's because they think they are better because their parents got money. But that's probably just me. Or not. I dunno.
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So, I've been out today to get some mangas right after school and then eat something.

First I went to an Asia Store in the center of town and bought some Green Tea chocolate and guess what? I found out that the shop I was at had Ramune! And I gotta say, Ramune isn't much different from Çamlıca  or Uludağ Gazoz. And the bottles are funny.

Then I got hungry and thought "Okay, you haven't had any sushi in a few years and there's a Japanese close by, go there".

I had my sushi. At first it wasn't bad...

... but then I suddenly felt like vomiting. I don't know why. The First time I had sushi I was fine afterwards. This time... I don't know. It seems my body decided to change in a way that said "Sweets are okay, eat as much as you want. But eat fish and I will make you vomit in public.".

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